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From humble beginnings as “Post Office Coins and Stamps” in 1976, we moved to “Gold Reef City Coins and Stamps” in 1986, and two years later took over “Gold Reef City Mint” from the “mother company”, The South African Mint Company (Pty) Ltd. Initially, purely retail coin dealers, Gold Reef City Mint expanded into the manufacture of coins and related items. Originally a branch of the South African Mint Company, Gold Reef City Mint now operates as an independent private concern but is still fortunate to enjoy the support and cooperation of the national mint. In 2009 the company moved to the Rand Refinery Complex in Germiston.


Gold Reef City Mint is one of the founder members of the South African Association of Numismatic Dealers. The managing member of Gold Reef City Mint, Glenn Schoeman, is the Chairman of this Association, and is presently in his 12th year of office.

Gold Reef City Mint is an approved distributor of the South African Mint and works in close association with them in the development, marketing and launching of South African legal tender coins. Gold Reef City Mint has a well-established marking infrastructure and management has a service-orientated philosophy. Gold Reef City Mint is centrally located with easy access to the north and Johannesburg International Airport. These fundamental business principles, combined with the dedicated staff that have a combined experience of more than eighty years in the industry, ensures Gold Reef City Mint maintains its reputation.

Products and services:

Our service and products extend across numismatic, bullion and manufacturing.  The South African Diamond & Precious Metal Regulator has appointed Gold Reef City Mint as an approved Manufacturer and Distributor of Gold, Platinum and Silver bars.

The Numismatic Department

Gold Reef City Mint is one of the founder members of the South African Association of Numismatic Dealers. The managing member of Gold Reef City Mint, Glenn Schoeman is the Chairman of this Association, and is presently in his eighteenth year of office. All staff members of the company are members of the National Numismatics Society. Gold Reef City Mint is approved by Rand Refinery, and is one of the largest wholesale and retail suppliers of Krugerrands in the country.  Gold Reef City Mint is an approved distributor of the South African Mint and work in close association with them in the development, marketing and launching of South African legal tender coins. The Company has a well-established marketing infrastructure and management has a service-orientated philosophy. Gold Reef City Mint is one of the South African Mint’s largest outlets for legal tender numismatic products. Dedicated staff members, that have a combined experience of more than sixty years in the industry, ensure Gold Reef City Mint maintains and build upon its reputation.  

The Manufacturing Department  – Minting Division

In August 2009 the entire manufacturing department, GRC Mint Manufacturing, moved to the Rand Refinery complex in Germiston. It is a far safer environment in which to work with precious metals.

Gold Reef City Mint is one of two privately owned mints in South Africa that have minted legal tender coins. Gold Reef City Mint has been privileged to work on behalf, under license and under the supervision of the South African Mint on a number of occasions.

Gold Reef City Mint is the pioneer in the manufacture of minted precious metal bars in South Africa. Up until recently these bars were only available for export to the foreign market but the new Precious Metal Act that was promulgated in Parliament in July of 2007 now allows local residents to own bars. Gold Reef City Mint has been appointed as one of only two manufacturers permitted to produce bars for the Local market. We have developed a detailed infrastructure for bar production and use a sophisticated “tamper proof” packaging system, which is specified by the Precious Metal Regulator. The minted bars have been a welcome addition to our product range.


We manufacture a variety of coins, medals, corporate gifts, badges, key rings, medallions and trophies. The infrastructure and equipment is well established and enables Gold Reef City Mint to manufacture a vast range of products in a variety of base and precious metals. Gold, silver, and platinum are presently our main focus and specialty.

Over the past twenty eight years, Gold Reef City Mint has developed its ability to operate totally independently. With the exception of packaging materials the Mint is totally self sufficient regarding the design of product, the manufacture of dies and tooling to manufacture blanks and the means to manufacture coins, medals, medallions, minted bars and a large variety of related items. We have our own electro-plating plant on site. The competence of the staff compliment is of a high standard. All our senior staff have undergone extensive training at the South African Mint. All staff members have skills pertinent to the industry and “on the job” training is ongoing.

Gold Reef City Mint has manufactured legal tender coins and medallions for South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique and Suriname. 

Casting  Department

Although we have more than thirty years of experience in the minting process, in December of 2013 we bought out an entire casting business operation, which now enables us to supply medals at a greatly reduced price compared to the minted medals. We are fortunate to have the services of a foreman that has 15 years experience in spin casting. Our casting department was a natural progression for us to follow and has proven to be very successful. 

Tourism Souvenirs

Our various departments all produce products that are very well suited to the tourism industry. The expertise and experience that our manufacturing departments have gained over the past 28 years allows us to manufacture “almost anything”. We manufacture jewellery using precious metals and base metals. We cast in bronze, white casting metal, resin castings and produce figurines, key rings, lapel badges, plaques, clocks, fridge magnets, cutlery, glassware and a list of other items, too vast to itemize. We supply personalized products in all the above including caps, hats and other apparel.

We service the entire country including all the major tourism areas like the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, the Northern Provence and Namibia.

Sales Division

Our retail division concentrates on the corporate, schools, and the international and local tourists destinations. We offer and market the complete range of coins, medals, medallions corporate gifts, promotional items, corporate branded clothing, trophies and tourism related souvenirs. 

Glass and Gifting Department

To expand and embroider on our range of products to the retail and corporate gifting markets, in 2010 we incorporated Hanggi Glass Design Studio into our group. We were fortunate also to acquire the services of Anne Hanggi as well as a number of the Design Studio’s former staff members. Thirty years of experience, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise pertinent to the glass, sandblasting and decorative glassware industry became part of our team. We are certainly not new comers to the market place. Combining existing, proven principles with new innovative ideas from our young design team ensures our place in the market. We produce and offer a selective, exciting and uniquely South African designed and manufactured range of exclusive African glassware products.

Cabinet and Woodworking Department

Our fully equipped cabinet-making and woodworking facility enables us to produce high quality frames, hardwood timber packaging and unique and custom built trophies and corporate gifts.

Gold Reef City Mint has established itself in the marketing and manufacture of numismatics, corporate gifts and promotional materials in Southern Africa

We have the facilities to produce product manufactured from:

  • Base metals            Brass, copper, mild and stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Precious metals Silver, gold, platinum and palladium.
  • Sand blasted, beaded and coloured glass and a variety of plastics
  • High quality timber

and combination of the above.

Rand Refinery Limited.

Gold Reef City Mint has entered into an agreement with the largest single site gold refinery in the world, Rand Refinery Ltd. Gold Reef City Mint has been appointed to design, manufacture dies and blanking tools and produce an entirely new range of coins, medallions and minted bars for the European and Asian markets. This joint venture is in the process of developing an entirely new packaging and certification process for gold and silver.

Privacy and Protection Policy

GRC Mint & GRC Mint Manufacturing Pty) Ltd *(GRC)


1. The following shall have the applicable meanings:
1.1 “Customer” shall mean any person or legal entity to whom GRC provides Services.
1.2 “Data” shall mean any data, including personal information as defined in the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 (Act No. 25 of 2002), the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (Act No. 4 of 2013), Personal Data and/or any equivalent legislation of the jurisdictions(s) where the obligations in terms of these Terms and
Conditions are being provided and/or performed, supplied to Rand Refinery by the Customer or processed on behalf of the Customer by GRC;
1.3 “Data Breach” shall mean any breach of security leading to unauthorised or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration or disclosure of Data;
1.4 “Data Protection Laws” shall mean all applicable laws relating to data protection, privacy and security when processing Data. This includes without limitation applicable international, regional, federal or national data protection, privacy, export or data security directives (e.g. directives of the European Union), laws, statures, regulations,
rulings, decisions, and other binding restrictions of or by any judicial or administrative body, whether domestic, foreign or international, including the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 and the Protection of Personal
Information Act, 2013;
1.5 “Personal Data” shall mean personal data as defined in the Data Protection Laws, including any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual (including, but not limited to, name, postal address, email address, telephone number, date of birth, driver’s license number, identification number, financial account number, credit or debit card number, insurance ID or account number, health or medical information, consumer reports, background checks, biometric data, digital signatures, any code or password that could be used to gain access to financial resources or any other unique
identifier) that is Processed by GRC;
1.6 “Process” shall mean any operation or set of operations, performed on Data, by any means, such as by collection, recording, organisation, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, blocking, erasure or destruction and “Processing” shall have a corresponding meaning.
1.7 “Services” shall mean any service provided by GRC to the Customer.
1.8 Notwithstanding any other provision in these Terms and Conditions, the Customer agrees that, for GRC to provide the Services, the Customer’s Data may be:
1.8.1 held on a variety of systems, networks and facilities worldwide including systems and databases used by GRC help desks, service desks and/or network management centres used for providing the Service/s and/or used for billing, sales,
technical, commercial and/or procurement purposes;
1.8.2 located, hosted, managed, accessed, or transferred worldwide; and
1.8.3 provided or transferred by GRC to any sub-contractor or supplier worldwide to the extent necessary to allow that sub-contractor or supplier to perform its
obligations in respect of the Service/s.
1.9 The Customer shall advise GRC what Personal Data, if any, is included in the Data provided by the Customer (“Customer Personal Data”). Therefore:
1.9.1 GRC shall comply with any Data Protection Laws applicable to it in its Processing of Customer Personal Data.
1.9.2 GRC shall only Process Customer Personal Data to the extent necessary to provide the Services and will implement and take appropriate and reasonable technical and organisational measures in accordance with its security policies as amended from time to time to protect Customer Personal Data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access of Customer Personal Data transferred outside of South Africa, including to subcontractors or suppliers where required to provide the Services.
1.9.3 The Customer shall provide sufficient written notice and obtain sufficient written consent and authorisation, under any applicable laws, from any relevant data subject (as defined in terms of Data Protection Laws), to permit the Processing of any Customer Personal Data by GRC, its sub-contractors or suppliers.
1.10 The Customer agrees that GRC, to the extent permitted by law, shall not be liable for any complaint, claim or action brought by a data subject (as defined in terms of Data Protection Laws) arising from any action or omission by GRC to the extent that such action or omission:
1.10.1 resulted from any failure by the Customer to comply with this clause; or 1.10.2 resulted from GRC complying with any instructions of Customer or acting on behalf of the Customer in accordance with those instructions,
and the Customer shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend GRC from and against any such claims or actions brought against GRC.
1.11 GRC shall at all times strictly comply with all applicable Data Protection Laws, which may be in force from time to time.
1.12 GRC hereby warrants, represents, and undertakes that it:
1.12.1 shall not, at any time Process Data for any purpose other than with the express prior written consent of the Customer, and to the extent necessary to provide the Services.
1.12.2 shall ensure that all its systems and operations which it uses to provide the Services including all systems on which Data is Processed as part of providing the Services, shall at all times be of a minimum standard required by all applicable Data Protection Laws.
1.13 GRC shall take reasonable steps to identify all reasonably foreseeable internal and external risks posed to Data under GRC’s possession or control and establish and maintain appropriate safeguards against any risks identified including appropriate backups of data for disaster recovery measures.
1.14 GRC shall provide the Customer with prompt reasonably detailed written notice in case GRC discovers any Data Breach or any actual, pending or threatened enforcement proceeding, action, notification of breach, lawsuit against
Rand Refinery or a GRC sub-contractor, relating to Data. To the extent the Data Protection Laws require that an individual or authority be notified of a Data Breach, GRC shall at the Customer’s request and subject to the Customer’s.
prior approval of the content, form and timing, provide any notices to such an individual or governmental authority containing the information as mandated by the Data Protection Laws. GRC shall provide remediation services and other.
reasonable assistance to individuals impacted by the Data Breach directly or through a third party as required under the Data Protection Laws or required by governmental authorities or agreed by the Parties in writing. Upon Customer’s request, GRC shall cooperate and provide the Customer with information about the nature, circumstances and causes of the event at issue. GRC shall take all necessary actions to prevent further losses and otherwise limit the consequences of the event at issue.
1.13 At the Customer’s prior written request, GRC shall promptly return to the Customer all copies, whether in written, electronic or other form or media, of Customer Personal Data in its possession or securely dispose of all such copies and certify in writing to the Customer that such Customer Personal Data has been returned to Customer or disposed of securely. GRC shall comply with all reasonable directions provided by Customer with respect to the return or disposal of Customer Personal Data.


Dear GRC Mint & GRC Mint Manufacturing Clients

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)
The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (as amended) (“POPIA”) is the comprehensive data protection legislation that obliges organisations to deal with the processing of personal information by applying specific principles and conditions. POPIA deals with your constitutional right to privacy and the right to access of such information. POPIA was signed into law by our President on the 1st of July 2020 to be effective by 01 July 2021.

GRC Mint & GRC Mint Manufacturing – Privacy Notice on our Website.
Our Privacy Notice provides the details of how we deal with the personal information of our clients and it is available on our website at the following address: – https://www.grcmint

The Privacy of your personal information: –

Processing of your personal information – We record that we are legally required and obliged by certain legislation as well as by certain State Departments, Entities and Regulators, including but not limited to The Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001 (“FICA”), The South African Revenue Services (“SARS”), Rand Refinery and all other Precious Metal Regulator/s, to collect, process, store and retain some of your personal information such as: Your marital status (like married, single, divorced), your national origin, your age, your language, birth, education. Your financial information, which may include your financial history (like your income or your buying, investing and banking behaviour based on, amongst others, account transactions);

Your identifying number (like an account number, identity number or passport number); Your email address, location information, physical address (like residential address, work address or your physical location), and telephone number (including your cellular number, home landline or office work number); Your online identifiers such as social media profiles. Your biometric information (like fingerprints, signature or voice); Your race and gender. Your criminal history, employment history.

Your confidential correspondence; and Personal information collected by GRCM can include, but is not limited to, a data subject’s name, contact, birth date, identity number, gender, employment details, marital status, family, policy, bank account, wearable device information, business and home address verification. We will only process your personal information for lawful purposes related to our business if the following circumstances apply: • You have consented thereto. • A person legally authorised by you, the law or a court, has consented thereto. • It is necessary to conclude or perform under a contract we have with you. • The law requires or permits it. • It is required to protect or pursue your legitimate interest, ours or that of a third party; and We may process your special personal information under the following circumstances: If you have consented to the processing thereof. If the processing is needed to create, use or protect a right or obligation in law. If the special personal information was made public by you. If the processing is required by law; and

We will process your personal information for any of the following reasons: To process payment instruments (such as a cheque) and payment instructions (such as a debit order or a stop order deduction); To create manufacture and print payment instruments (such as a cheque) and payment devices (such as a debit card); To open, manage and maintain your account, contracts, agreements or relationship with us; To enable us to deliver goods, documents or notices to you. For security and identity verification, and to check the accuracy of your personal information. To communicate with you and carry out your instructions and requests. To comply with any legal obligation or regulation which we are required to comply with, especially applicable to the purchase of gold bullion.
This is available on this link https://www.grcmint.co.za

Protecting your personal information –

We take all legislated and reasonable precautions to protect your personal information (including information about your purchases) from theft, and unauthorised access.

Receiving Marketing from us –

We will never use your personal information to send content that is not relevant to the services and or products, education on the products that we supply. The platforms used are Whatsapp group, Touchbase Pro Mailer and Telegram and Email. Should you wish to no longer be a part of these group or mailing list you can unsubscribe at any time or forward us an email to sales@grcmint.co.za to opt out of receiving any information.

Should you have any questions, you are welcome to email them through to info@grcmint.co.za and we will assist you directly.

Kind Regards
Glenn Schoeman
Director – GRC Mint Pty Ltd
Director – GRC Mint Manufacturing Pty Ltd

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