Gold Krugerrands

1 Oz

R 31 365.00 ea

1/2 Oz



R 8 600.00 ea

1/10 Oz

R 3 500.00 ea

SILVER Krugerrands

2022 - Silver Krugerrand

R 443.48 each Ex VAT

2022 - Silver Krugerrand Monster Box holds 500 1oz Krugerrands

R 221 740.00 Ex VAT

About Us

From humble beginnings as “Post Office Coins and Stamps” in 1976, we moved to “Gold Reef City Coins and Stamps” in 1986, and two years later took over “Gold Reef City Mint” from the “mother company”, The South African Mint Company (Pty) Ltd. Initially, purely retail coin dealers, Gold Reef City Mint expanded into the manufacture of coins and related items. Originally a branch of the South African Mint Company, Gold Reef City Mint now operates as an independent private concern but is still fortunate to enjoy the support and cooperation of the national mint. In 2009 the company moved to the Rand Refinery Complex in Germiston.


Over the past 35 years, Gold Reef City Mint has developed its ability to operate totally independently. With the exception of packaging materials the Mint is totally self sufficient regarding the design of product, the manufacture of dies and tooling to manufacture blanks and the means to manufacture coins, medals, medallions, minted bars and a large variety of related items.


We manufacture a variety of coins, medals, corporate gifts, badges, key rings, medallions and trophies. The infrastructure and equipment is well established and enables Gold Reef City Mint to manufacture a vast range of products in a variety of base and precious metals. Gold, silver, and platinum are presently our main focus and specialty.

Our Team


Krugerrand Sales

Gold Reef City Mint has an assured buy-back program on all bullion products.  Should the need arise to liquidate your bullion or free up cash you can liquidate your assets with us.  Contact us to discuss the buyback rate and procedure to sell your bullion today.


Gold Reef City Mint is one of two privately owned mints in South Africa that have minted legal tender coins. Gold Reef City Mint has been privileged to work on behalf, under license and under the supervision of the South African Mint on a number of occasions.


Gold Reef City Mint is one of the founder members of the South African Association of Numismatic Dealers. The managing member of Gold Reef City Mint, Glenn Schoeman, is the Chairman of this Association


We custom make all our trophies in-house. Whatever design you can come up with, we can manufacture it to your specs.

Souvenir Items

Our various departments all produce products that are very well suited to the tourism industry. The expertise and experience that our manufacturing departments have gained over the past 28 years allows us to manufacture “almost anything”

Bid or Buy

We sell a range of products on Bid or Buy. Every client we have sold to has left a positive review, with zero negative or neutral reviews.


South African numismatic grading services shares our premises with us. Contact them for the very best and MOST reliable coin and banknote grading service.


Although we have more than thirty years of experience in the minting process, in December of 2013 we bought out an entire casting business operation, which now enables us to supply medals at a greatly reduced price compared to the minted medals. We are fortunate to have the services of a foreman that has 15 years experience in spin casting. Our casting department was a natural progression for us to follow and has proven to be very successful.

Investment Casting

Investment casting is a manufacturing process in which a wax pattern is coated with a refractory ceramic material. Once the ceramic material is hardened its internal geometry takes the shape of the casting. The wax is melted out and molten metal is poured into the cavity where the wax pattern was. At Gold Reef City Mint we manufacture our silver Big 5 figurines this method.

Cabinet and Woodworking Department

Our fully equipped cabinet-making and woodworking facility enables us to produce high quality frames, hardwood timber packaging and unique and custom built trophies and corporate gifts.

Coinwatch South Africa

Coinwatch has been producing symbolic timepieces by merging coins with special designs, historical and commemoratory values as dials with practical time-telling functions to remind their wearers of that particular moment.


To expand and embroider on our range of products to the retail and corporate gifting markets. Combining existing, proven principles with new innovative ideas from our young design team ensures our place in the market. We produce and offer a selective, exciting and uniquely South African designed and manufactured range of exclusive African glassware products.


All you need to know, and why we are the best solution



Kyalami 9 Hour


Nelson Mandela Challenge


Pirates Cup U20


Mandela 100

Cast lapel pins

Porsche Club Parade

Custom trophies

Philatelic Federation

Silver minted medallions


Customer Satisfaction

Online ordering through GRC Mint proved to be extremely efficient. Full circle communication and safety. Thank you to the GRC Mint Team!

G. Hugo


Most awesome Friendly and service from there Personal

Pieter Grobbelaar

World Class Experience

Cannot rate the team at GRC highly enough. I have used them twice now, and service and response times absolutely world class. Pricing seems to be very competitive too. Great Service and experience, thank you!!


Service excellence

Great online site to use. Checkout safe. Pleasure to use.

Many thanks


Ease of online ordering

The GRC Mint website is very easy to navigate and placing an order online is a breeze. I would greatly recommend buying from the GRC Mint website!

Antonie Ras

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Gate No.1 Rand Refinery Complex, Refinery road, Germiston

Phone No:

010 615 0018


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